We Are Tech Emporio


Get to know us better

Tech Emporio is a startup company focusing primarily on product development and also catering to the needs of the service sector. At Tech Emporio we Innovate rather than Imitate. This is because we firmly believe that it is not enough to just leave a mark on this world but rather to let the world recognize the mark as your own. We are a group of individuals unique in our own ways yet sharing a common vision for excellence by breaking the stereotypes of the IT world. We aim to take the boredom out of IT in everyday life by making it interactive in every field we venture into, be it hardware or software.Our yearning for perfection means we will never settle for anything less than excellence in all our endeavors. By serving you, we grow, and by growing, we can serve you even better. This is the thought process we promote at Tech Emporio.

Always on the cutting edge

We believe in the power of surprise to build brands, solve problems and kindly take over the world. We exists to bring powerful, brilliant, creative ideas to life. The kind of ideas that make you smile. The kind of ideas that make an impact.

But great ideas are nothing without the right audience. So when the ideas are ready for the limelight, we deliver them to the right people in the most innovative, most effective way.











Microsoft BizSpark

Our first signs of assurance that we were one among the best came in the form of the Microsoft BizSpark Programme.

The BizSpark Programme is a support programme being conducted by Microsoft worldwide to help startups and founders take their first steps into the competitive market and achieve their goals of being one among the best in business.

Getting the seal of approval from Microsoft that we are a company with world class potential goes a long way in consolidating our credibility and quality.

Meet The Team

The team at Tech Emporio is a unique one in every way, combining the enthusiasm and vigor of the youth with the wisdom and knowledge of the experienced. Each member brings a unique quality to the table which helps in making Tech Emporio diverse as it is and helping widen the playing field.